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Professional ozone generators

Ozone eliminates bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens giving a pleasant smell


Self-service ozone

Ozone water systems

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Our firm offers wide range of services including ozonizing and sterilization, which completely removes microorganisms and their spores in all types of premises (e.g. installations and equipment, especially in dirty air conditioning and ventilation). 

We recommend ozonization of facilities for removal of odors caused by flooding, burnings, as well as cigarette smoking, meal preparation, repairs (oppressive smell of paints and varnishes) and the presence of animals. 

About us

As the fastest growing manufacturer of ozone generators in recent years in Poland, we set international standards in the industry.

In our activities, we uncompromisingly relay on the highest quality components and realizations, the effectiveness and the usefulness, as well as... "

"As a result of the consistent application of these principles, we could gradually evolve in such a way to be included, as the first Polish company, among the three largest PROFESSIONAL manufacturers of ozone generators In Europe. Compared to the European leaders, we are definitely distinguished by offering the best value for money. (Thanks to our experience we can guarantee our customers the best value for money). With contacts all over the world, each generator is equipped with components from renowned brands from Germany, Canada and the United States of America.

We believe that our high-tech, innovative and unique way of obtaining the corona discharges gives us an undisputed advantage over the competition.

Our experience and equipment are used by reputable sites, hotels, institutions and individuals throughout Europe.

They appreciate our products for ease of use, reliability and obtaining performance listed in the specification.

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Ozone - one of the most effective disinfectants

Ozone is a gas which has many industrial and consument applications. It eliminates viruses, bacteria and other germs.

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